Making Syrup

How We Make Maple Syrup

At Oliver’s Mapleworks our maple syrup making process combines traditional methods with modern technology to produce the finest, most pure maple syrup possible. All of our maple products including maple syrup, maple butter and maple sugar candy are pure 100% natural products — absolutely no other ingredients are added!

  • Sugar maple trees are tapped each year. The sap runs when the temperature fluctuates between -5°C and +5°C.
  • Sap from the tapped trees travels through a network of narrow tubing into gathering tanks.
  • The sap is gathered and transported to the sugar camp.
  • The “raw” sap is then concentrated by removing two-thirds of the water in a reverse osmosis machine.
  • The sap, now a “concentrate”, is boiled on a wood fired evaporator to create
    maple syrup.
  • This syrup is then filtered and pumped to a bottler machine.
  • Finally the maple syrup is bottled at 88°C (190°F) using a range of containers.

You can purchase our pure maple products online or at the sugar camp during the season. Our products are also available at several local retail locations. We look forward to seeing you this season!